Speaking - Anya Hollis
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It is a great pleasure and honor to be chosen as the speaker for your event. There are countless exhaustive man hours that go into putting an event together and choosing the right speaker can determine how the event is remembered.

My goal is to encourage, educate and entertain your audience while providing high quality, practical information that will move your audience into action.

  • If you ever spent an hour or more on your phone hoping for a presentation to end
  • If you ever left an event and wondered what and why the presenter was presenting
  • If you want your audience to leave invigorated, energized and ready to achieve greater success

Choosing the BEST speaker is at the forefront of all decisions when creating an event. My background of presenting to teachers and students has resulted in me being a high energy, authentic and engaging emcee has made me highly sought after. I’ve been professionally training and speaking for over  10 years.

Whether your group is large or small I devote my people skills and crown wowing charm to create an unforgettable experience for all in attendance.

Motivation and Inspiration Keynotes

Elevated Elasticity

In life, there will always be distracting obstacles that create unnecessary feelings of inadequacy and failure. However, if we develop elasticity, we can better equip ourselves to maneuver through the obstacles with ease and grace. Elasticity and flexibility are essential to growth and success

Negative Thoughts and Your Safe Word

We have between 38-42 thoughts per minute. SOme of us struggle with an alarming rate of negative thought during the day. Negative thought negatively impacts your day to day success in life. HOwever, there is a way to block those negative thoughts and prevent them from surfacing. I teach personal techniques that if used over time will help to eliminate the daily plethora of negative thoughts.


The Attitude of Altitude

Success starts with your internal belief that you can be successful. Having an Attitude of Altitude almost always guarantees that one will have successful outcomes in all of their endeavors.  Mastering the ability to see positivity in every situation is key to success. Postive mindset positive life


Business Speaking and Training

Practical Leadership

A practical leader possesses excellent people skills, including clarity about oneself as well as clarity in practices used to address the multitude of team members’ personalities and work ethics.


Conflict Exploration

When dealing with groups of people, conflict is inevitable. It’s the way we deal with the conflict that determines how it will affect the company. Using conflict exploration techniques, employees are taught to deal with conflict in a simpler, less stressful way.


TBW Teambuilding

Team building whether virtual or in person and learning to work together are essential to the success of any group or company. Investing in your team yields greater results in productivity and profit and alleviates the stress of having a team who doesn’t understand one another and finds it hard to work with each other.