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Unhealthy relationships at work with colleagues and leaders led me to have a nervous breakdown. I had no idea what was going on I just knew that I hated waking every day and leaving my home to go to a place where I anticipated something bad happening. As a teacher, trying to maintain control of 100 students a day is challenging already. The students coupled with ineffective leaders and colleagues who want to see one another fail creates a mentally stressful environment.

I was overwhelmed as a person and it showed in my dealings with the students and family life. Going somewhere five days a week and hating the place you have to go is the worst feeling in the world. I wondered why some work environments were stress-free and easy to come to while others were the complete opposite.

I didn’t have the answer, but I wanted to find an answer and share it with the rest of the world. Yearly companies lose millions of great employees because of negative interactions and relations between leaders and other colleagues. If a person is not comfortable at work they can not reach their full performance potential.

Experiencing difficulty in effective communication between leaders and employees is what ultimately caused my unhappiness at work. I had to take some time away from work to recover and get back to my normal self. In the time away, I spent countless hours studying relationships, positive work environments, investing in humans, dealing with negative people and anything topic having to deal with making work better and more fun. I have used my knowledge to create a comprehensive bag of tricks necessary to restore a positive work environment for all.

Photo:Flickr; Richard Foster

Photo:Flickr; Richard Foster











Who is Anya Hollis?

I am a wife and mother, a writer for the Huffington Post, Goodmen Project and various other places. I love to read, write and host family gatherings. I am a lifelong learner and always welcome new information and schools of thought. I am a lover of people and a peacemaker. My motto is life is better when people get along and form long-lasting relationships.


I am an author, speaker, consultant, trainer, and emcee. I train and consult on effective communication, people skills, leadership, flexibility and the importance of teamwork in the workplace. It is my goal to prevent anyone from having to experience a negative work environment due to poor relationships and lack of communication.


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